What if

A scenario is a hypothesis about the future that is relevant, challenging, plausible and clear (solving tough problems).

What if we could define plausible scenarios based on the companies’ experience to transform themselves? What if we could facilitate safe to fail experiments to play with those scenarios? Would that approach lead to better decisions?

What if we redesigned the company structure to create team products rather than specialized support groups (less organizational structure)?

What if we banned the boss? What if managers couldn’t make any decision and they were only facilitators of circles of decisions for the organization? What would it happen to the company? How would it affect empowerment, ownership, motivation, innovation? Will it increase or reduce its resilience?

What if we removed performance appraisals and career path?

More concrete ideas that we might consider creating scenarios:

What if we measured only elapsed time, flow efficiency and throughput? Would we have more transparency and a wider perspective of the value stream? Would it help to spot problems in our process?

What if you provided a coaching service or NVC training for all employees? Would it increase company survivability and engagement? Would it help to create healthier relationships?

What if monthly salaries were limited? What if the transparency policy publicly communicated monthly wages and managers’ expenses?



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