2016 My vision


As a blogger, I want to increase my work’s visibility and to get more feedback from my professionals.

Key results

  2. 5K Views
  3. To Increase 20% Comments
  4. To Increase the number of blog entries (> 9) per year
  5. To write in Spanish and English


AS a reader I want to research on topics that I don’t feel so comfortable so that I can have a wider point of view.

Key results

  1. At least two books for all of these areas.
    1. Coaching
    2. Mindfulness
    3. Systems thinking
    4. Complex Adaptive Systems
    5. NVC
    6. Teams
    7. Kanban
  2. 40 books challenge


Canada is calling…

Key results

  1. 25 minutes every day of the working week
  2. A valid English Certification for the VISA process
  3. 1 training book for every two weeks


I want to run further and faster

Key results

  1. Training at least 3 times a week
  2. Complete 1 half-marathon per semester


As a professional I want to provide a wider set of services.

Key results

  1. To coach >50 hours on PNL.
  2. To research 50-100 hours on systemic coaching.
  3. 3 Agile conferences this year.
  4. C4P at least 2 proposals for 3 main conferences.
  5. To research on 2 more transformational models.

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